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Below outlines the 2014 Batesville Youth Football Schedule. Please note pay close attention to not only the match up, but the location of the game. There are special instances where Batesville will play a team on a neutral field. The full 2014 SIYFA schedule can be found by Full Schedule for All Teams

Playoffs are scheduled for the three consecutive weekends following our regular season. There will be no formal bye week after the regular season. Depending on your division and seed a team could play one or two games the first playoff weekend (October 18th/19th). Semi-finals will be played the second weekend on either Saturday/Sunday, October 25th/26th. Finals will be played on Saturday, November 1st. Locations and seedings will not be final until the conclusion of the
regular season.

Batesville First Grade Schedule Batesville Second Grade Schedule
Date Time Grade Matchup Date Time Grade Matchup
23-Aug 1:30 PM 1st Grade Bright @ Batesville 23-Aug 9:00 AM 2nd Grade Bright @ Batesville - W (26-0)
30-Aug 1:30 PM 1st Grade Batesville@Greensburg 30-Aug 9:00 AM 2nd Grade Batesville@Greensburg - W (25-0)
6-Sep 1:30 PM 1st Grade Batesville@Franklin County 6-Sep 9:00 AM 2nd Grade Batesville@Rushville - W (28-0)
14-Sep 2:00 PM 1st Grade Milan@Batesville 14-Sep 11:00 AM 2nd Grade Milan@Batesville - W (36-0)
20-Sep BYE 1st Grade BYE 20-Sep 9:00 AM 2nd Grade Franklin County@Batesville
27-Sep 1:30 PM 1st Grade Batesville@Lawrenceburg 27-Sep 9:00 AM 2nd Grade Batesville@Lawrenceburg
4-Oct 1:30 PM 1st Grade Connersville@Batesville 4-Oct 9:00 AM 2nd Grade Connersville@Batesville
11-Oct 1:30 PM 1st Grade Batesville @S. Dearborn 11-Oct BYE 2nd Grade BYE
Batesville 3rd Grade Schedule Batesville 4th Grade Schedule
Date Time Grade Matchup Date Time Grade Matchup
23-Aug 10:30 AM 3rd Grade Bright @ Batesville- L (8-12)
23-Aug 12:00 PM 4th Grade Bright @ Batesville - L (8-20)
30-Aug 10:30 AM 3rd Grade Batesville@Greensburg - W (14-0)
30-Aug 12:00 PM 4th Grade Batesville@Greensburg - W (28-0)
6-Sep 10:30 AM 3rd Grade Batesville@Rushville - W - (28-0)
6-Sep 12:00 PM 4th Grade Batesville@Rushville - W (30-0)
14-Sep 12:30 PM 3rd Grade Milan@Batesville W - (30-8)
14-Sep 3:00 PM 4th Grade Milan@Batesville - W (40-0)
20-Sep 10:30 AM 3rd Grade Franklin County@Batesville 20-Sep 12:00 PM 4th Grade Franklin County@Batesville
27-Sep 10:30 AM 3rd Grade Batesville@Lawrenceburg 27-Sep 12:00 PM 4th Grade Batesville@Lawrenceburg
4-Oct 10:30 AM 3rd Grade Connersville@Batesville 4-Oct 12:00 PM 4th Grade Connersville@Batesville
11-Oct 10:30 AM 3rd Grade Batesville @Sunman (N. Dearborn Field) 11-Oct 12:00 PM 4th Grade Batesville @Sunman (N. Dearborn Field)
Batesville 5th Grade Schedule Batesville 6th Grade Schedule
Date Time Grade Matchup Date Time Grade Matchup
23-Aug 2:30 PM 5th Grade Bright @ Batesville - L (0-40)
23-Aug 4:00 PM 6th Grade Bright @ Batesville - L (6-19)
30-Aug 2:30 PM 5th Grade Batesville@Greensburg - L (0-27)
30-Aug 4:00 PM 6th Grade Batesville@Greensburg - L (0-26)
6-Sep 2:00 PM 5th Grade Batesville@Rushville - W (26-0)
6-Sep 3:30 PM 6th Grade Batesville@Rushville - W (32-20)
14-Sep BYE 5th Grade BYE 14-Sep 4:30 PM 6th Grade Milan@Batesville - W (34-8)
20-Sep 2:00 PM 5th Grade Franklin County@Batesville 20-Sep 3:30 PM 6th Grade Franklin County@Batesville
27-Sep 2:30 PM 5th Grade Batesville@Lawrenceburg 27-Sep 4:00 PM 6th Grade Batesville@Lawrenceburg
4-Oct 2:30 PM 5th Grade Connersville@Batesville 4-Oct 4:00 PM 6th Grade Connersville@Batesville
11-Oct 2:00 PM 5th Grade Batesville @Sunman (N. Dearborn Field) 11-Oct 3:30 PM 6th Grade Batesville @Sunman (N. Dearborn Field)